Price Match Guarantee

Selling online.....Phew.

 Its impossible to keep up with the ever changing prices of all our products online.

We try to, but with almost 3000 items available (and growing), prices can change in the market, sometimes by the minute. 

We know you do your research.

 Just send us an email or text with the link or screenshot for the product with the subject FOUND ONE and we will take it from there.*

We will update the product on our page (sometimes almost immediately if we can, generally within 24hrs) and notify you that it has been done so you, and everyone else, can purchase at the new, updated, market price.

If you purchase the product from us within 48hrs of you being notified that is has been reduced and have a registered account, we will credit you back 2.5% to use for future purchases.

Pay with EFT direct deposit and we will give you an extra 2.5% credit for next time.

 That's up to 5% OFF the cheapest price available online.


*Items must be a legitimate product from one of our suppliers and also available to the public. We reserve the right to not match a price that we believe to be fraudulent or not within the terms of our conditions with our suppliers.