With over 20 years experience digitizing and embroidering logos we have tried to make the process for you to add your logo to an order as simple as we can.


The first thing you should do is email or text your logo to us so we can advise the stitch count for your design to or 0434 909 071.


You can estimate the stitch count yourself if you like or select "Not Sure" and the average design count of 5-7500 stitches will be applied. We will advise you if there is any adjustment needed and what that may be.


1) Enter the sizes you want in the grid.

If you are after multiple styles then start with any product first. If the same logo is applied to different styles then the embroidery only needs to be added once and the total can be adjusted to equal all your garments that need embroidery at cart level.


2) Click on the ADD EMBROIDERY position/s you are after.Plus Embroidery adding design

Standard spot is the left breast but we can apply to any position you would like. If you require something that is not noted please let us know and we can also assist with that.


3) Select estimated stitch count.

All logos are different. Stitch count of your design will depend on the amount of filled area, detail and overall complexity of your design. The more stitches required in a design, the longer it takes to run each logo.


4) Upload logo or embroidery file.

If you have emailed us your design you may just put the name of the design in the comments section as we already have a copy. To digitize a design we have to manually trace every shape as well as layer from the back forward for stitching, the higher the quality of the artwork, the easier and better we can do this.

Vector drawings and also pantone colour charts are also favourable to work from to ensure we have as much detail as possible.


5) Your comments help us.

Things like fonts used, colours or any changes required can help us speed up the process for you so please feel free to provide this information. We work with you and nothing is completed until you have finalised approval from the sample we run and image we provide. 

If its a repeat job, please advise us and also reference previous order number or file name provided to ensure we have all this readily available and get your job completed ASAP.


6) Quantity for embroidery starts at 10pcs.

We are happy to do 1 - 9pcs but we still charge for a minimum of 10 to cover production costs. You can select this now or edit at the cart level. If you are after a total of say 40pcs across different styles then you just need to enter 40, even if you have 10 of this and that. Discounts are applied at the cart level and the maximum price for the garment and logo is displayed for you above the embroidery section based on the stitch count provided plus the product.


7) Finally, click on the ADD BOTH TO CART button.

If you click under the grid you will only get the grid items in your cart. In your cart you should see the items by colour and size and also the embroidery as well.

If this hasn't happened, you can also add the embroidery as a separate item at any time by clicking here


Any questions or issues, please dont hesitate to email us anytime or call us during business hours.