How long does it take?

Generally, once you place and pay for an order with us, we have the stock in 3-5 days depending on our suppliers and availability. During this time, if required, we setup/digitize your logo and provide you with a sample image of your design for approval. We can have your order completed within 2-4 days of receiving stock and depending on shipping times, you can have your order delivered within 7-15 working days. All subject to delivery times.

How much is embroidery?

Embroidery cost is set by the stitch count in your logo. A basic, single colour design could be 3000 stitches and take 6 minutes to run on the machine. A complex logo could be 10,000 stitches with 5 colour changes and take 30 minutes to run each logo. We don’t charge a set price for designs as they are all different. If you are paying for “upto” in a design, then you are most likely paying for stitches you are not getting. 

How do I work out stitch count?

To help in assisting you in getting closer to the actual price, we have given you the option to estimate your logos cost. As a minimum if you are “Not Sure?” we have put in the minimum price based on a basic logo of less than 3000 stitches. When we get a copy of your logo we will advise you of the actual cost and adjust your invoice. If your invoice has been paid already we will send you another invoice for the balance.

For more information on embroidery click here

What are the setup costs?

For all orders over 50 pcs we don’t charge for setup of your first design. Logos can take anything from 30 minutes to several hours to digitize and then run a sample and make any modifications. We charge a minimum of 30 minutes per design and then for every 15 minutes thereafter. Setup costs will be added by us to your order if required and you will be notified by our team of any setup costs associated with your order. All embroidery and setup is done inhouse.

Can I get a quote?

Yes, just email us at or text us an image of your logo required on 0434 909 071 with estimated quantity and we assist you with an idea on price for embroidery.

Do I need to add the same logo for every product?

No, if you have just one logo you require across a range of garments then just upload your logo once and adjust the total to match how many you need, we will take care of the rest. The entire process we will be in touch with you to make sure that we are clear with your needs.

Do you do other sizes or locations for embroidery?

Yes, we can do all sorts of embroidery and sizes on garments in many different locations other than what we have on our website. Just email us with what you are after and one of our team will help get this sorted for you.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Nearly all our products have discounts based on quantity, including embroidery and this is done automatically on our site at checkout. The quantity breaks depend on the individual item. For some this may be just 2 items and for others it may be 20 plus. We will also match any product price for volume discounts.

Do you sell individual items?

Yes. While we mostly sell bulk wholesale items, we can provide individual quantities for samples or sizing as required.

Do you do less than 10 items for embroidery?

More than happy to only do a few items if you need. Price for setup will be the same as all other orders and we charge you for a minimum of 10 items whether it’s 1 or 9 to cover production costs.