Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery collage of logos

Adding Embroidery to your order....

Custom Embroidery machine

Embroidery is simple, well simple for us, we have been doing it for over 20 years. 

We just need a copy of your logo to trace (digitize for stitches) and any information regarding the size, changes needed, etc.

Average size is approx 8-10cm x 8-10cm for most designs and if you need something different just contact us at or call on 0434 909 071

NEED A QUICK QUOTE ON A STANDARD LOGO ? - SMS us a photo of your logo and how many you need.

Cost is based on stitches in your design; the more filled area, detail and layers in a logo, the more stitches it takes and the longer it needs to run on the machine. 

Until we setup and finalise your design we can only estimate final stitch count and will provide an image of sample and production sheet before adjusting your order cost prior to starting. You can estimate your own cost to get a closer idea of what you can expect to pay by comparing your logo to one of these or if you're not sure, we can help with the estimation. (if you require a physical sample of your logo, we can do that as well, cost is $20) 

Custom embroidery stitch count samples

We don't charge you for up to a 10,000 stitch logo when you logo is only 5,000 stitches!!!


Setup of your design Most logos we will not charge for setup, it depends on the logo and quantity of the order and we reserve the right to make that decision once we see your logo. Digitizing your logo is $60 p/hr, $30 for the first 30 mins and then $15 for every 15 mins following. Most designs we can setup quite quickly and if the order is 20 units or above we generally don't charge anything for setup on your first logo. We will notify you once we receive your order or design and inform you regarding any logo setup that is required before starting. To make things easier for us please provide a good quality logo to work from, although we can work from anything.